Evil Author Day

These are Works In Progress. Mostly unedited. I make no promise on when or if they will be finished. You are warned.

Transmutation – Stargate/NCIS

Summary – Exposure to a Pegasus virus while battling the plague causes the virus to mutate in Tony DiNozzo. Now a new flu is on the rise. It seems mild enough, but in a few people, a very special few, ancient abilities from ancestors past have reawakened as their DNA undergoes transmutation.

Transmutation Part 1, Transmutation Part 2, Transmutation Part 3

Pretty as a Peach – Harry Potter

Summary: As the time travelers prepare to attend Hogwarts for the second time, Draco must face his father. (This is the beginning of part three of my Peaches series: The Sweet Taste of Peaches)

Pretty as a Peach

Hometown Heroes – Teen Wolf/Sky High fusion

Summary: In the town of Beacon Hills super heros are the major industry. World Class heros are invited to Sky High. But not every super is meant to be world class. Beacon Hills High focuses on educating the Hometown Heroes of tomorrow. Stiles Stilinski just wants to make it through high school in one piece. When his friends in Hero Support start powering up right and left, there’s a mystery that needs to be solved.

Hometown Heroes

Echo of a Dream – Magnificent 7

Summary: The United States and the Confederation of Native Territories lives with an uneasy truce. In the border town of Four Corners a Federal Judge is trying to keep the peace while upholding the law. This isn’t easy when the highest law of the land is to allow no magic to exist when the natives would do anything to return magic to the land.

Echo of a Dream