Evil Author Day

I’ve repurposed this site for my Evil Author Day Submissions. All posts on this site are for Works In Progress. I make no promise when or if the work will be completed. Please don’t ask. I hope you enjoy the works within.

Please note that these works have not been edited and the finished work may look completely different from what is posted. Some may have previously been seen on Rough Trade and seem familiar. I will remove a post from this site once it is completed.

These works are only offered as an evil little tease. You are thus warned.

About Me

Avid reader, sometimes writer. Not so secret lover of fanfic. The best thing about writing is that after a crappy day you can build a world and destroy it. The power, the control are at your fingertips and subject to your whims. And with your characters you live, love, hope, grow, and release your creativity in the most wicked and wonderful ways.

I’ve Moved

You can find my completed work on ellywinkle.com

Adult Only

This site is intended for those over the age of consent. This varies from country to country. It is the author’s preference that all visitors be at least 18 years old